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a blend both of the parents disguises (if both Alien) or are a mixture of the Sim parents looks and the Alien parents disguise. Headachy A Sim will rub

their temple and a bright red aura will pulse from the Sims head. It is possible to guess the correct illness at this point, however treating a patient for the wrong illness will result in a job performance loss which can also lead to being fired. Perk points can be used to purchase special Retail Perks for your business. Most interactions can be found under the Friendly category, but there are a few others that appear under Mischief. Males cannot take pregnancy tests, however, pregnancy is indicated by an occasional glowing stomach and faux theremin music. Performing each of these interactions will help to narrow down the possible diagnosis. Note: videos Unanalyzed evidence from a previous case can be used for the next case. Label Name Description A Retail Funds Menu The retail funds menu allows your Sim to transfer funds from their household funds to their business funds and vice versa. Although if the perp is guilty, they will confess and your Sim proudly closes the case by locking the guilty into a cell. New Game Options Interactions This section includes details of all the new game options available with The Sims 4 Get To Work. There are many types of businesses that your Sim can run. You can choose from Active, Business, Confident, Flirty (Adult-only Neutral, and Playful. Vandalism Scattered along the lot, your Sim will see many different graffiti featuring gnomes and llamas. There is also a chance that your Sim will discover an alien with the X-Ray machine! Male Pregnancy Male Sims and Aliens from Young Adult to Elder, can become pregnant by female Aliens when they Try for Baby or when abducted. This process will provide you with extra collectibles and info on the items you are testing). These perks will help your Sim run a bigger and better business. Eye of the Stormbore Common 50 Eye of the Stormbore looks like the terrifying red eye of an ancient creature that used to terrorize unexpecting folks slumbering away in dream land. But, before you knew it, everyones hair was falling out. Baking can be used in the retail system if your Sim wants to run a bakery business. Freelance Artist, you figured out that you could get even more clients by freelancing, so here you are! Moral Choices is a work day event that focuses on your Sims interactions with co-workers and how he/she uses their knowledge on them. The three lots available are: Paddywacks Emporium, JF S Clothiers dating or The Roadstead. Image Name Rarity Value Description Fossilized Sand Worm N/A N/A Looks like something messed with the wrong gosh darn rec room.

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Chest, glumbut Common 50 Glumbut believed that partying was a waste of time. Most of them require ingredients to create them. Your Sim can choose to run gijon a web campaign or a television campaign. It will be available puta for a customer purchase once again. Note, sims get to work, and once finished, you will be able to drag and drop them onto the lot or in your Sims inventory. Making the patient beds, an event will occur that lets your Sims travel to an Alien party in Sixam. Stunning Sign 150 A sign to place in your store to boost curb appeal. Asking about general health, have your Sim interact with the patient to send them into surgery. Analyze Space Rocks This interaction will produce the Feeling Homesick or Reminded of Home moodlets. The player can Add Clue to the Crime Map.

I m a freelance makeup artist, so I thought this would be fun to make!This career only has 1 track, but it has the standard 10 levels.It is a rabbit hole career where your sims will need to max their charisma skill and get to level 2 of their photography skill to get to level.

But youapos, itapos, thurs, altering a Disguise takes you into CreateaSim where makeup you can design a unique Sim disguise for your Alien. Breakthroughs are noticeable the light bulb icon appearing brightly over your Sims head. Tues, yes, but you can still tell what color their eyebrows are. Re learning, s not much, if there is nothing to be restocked they will stand by the cash until there are more items that need restocking. It will take your Sim or an employee about 30 minutes to restock an item and you will receive 10 perk points for each restock interaction performed. Detective Ranks Level Title Per Hour Schedule Daily Earnings Ideal Mood Daily Tasks Promotion Requirements Rewards 1 Cadet 20 Mon. Female Sims and Aliens cannot become pregnant by Alien abduction 1 Death Flower 1 Alien Crystal Alien Aura Serum Temporarily gives a Sim Alien Powers 1 Alien Metal 1 Alien Crystal 1 Alien Plant AgeAway Serum Resets a Simapos. We have detected that you are using an Adblocker plugin. It is up to your sim to find the diagnosis but certain symptoms together will be clear to you what the patient is suffering. Wed, s current lifestage, but it has the standard 10 levels.

On the Crime Map, there are many interactions including Go on Patrol and Travel to the Crime Scene.Learn more about digital cameras and their uses in the Photography section of this guide.

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Alien Death All Aliens eventually pass away, and can die by each death type available in the game.At Medical Technologist (Rank 4 ) your Sim will be capable to make the diagnosis on their own.Sims 4, get To Work. .