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modern hits of grunge and alternative rock, so theres something to appeal to every taste in this musical spectrum. Be sure to drop in for one of their many

events, which include DJ sets, live concerts and karaoke nights. The cool vintage interior decor makes this a relaxing spot to catch up with friends, and its also popular among locals for grabbing a hot drink and getting cozy on a cold night out. Umore Ona, Itxaropen Kalea, Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain Gure-Txoko Another temple of rock music in Bilbaos Casco Viejo is Gure-Txoko, a small beer bar (or cerveria ) where rock lovers can meet and share their passion for music in a great atmosphere. Although the façade of this bar doesnt stand out from the crowd, it sets itself apart with its strong reputation for great rock sets. Pub K2, Calle Somera, 10, Bilbao, Biscay, Spain. Casco Viejo has a vibrant nightlife, with its many bars and taverns to explore. Many locals meet here for a drink while nibbling on these assorted little snacks, the Basque equivalent of Spanish tapas. It was followed by two more championship titles (19 and a runner-up finish in the Copa del Rey (1982). Though its open all day, it becomes especially festive after nightfall. This bar-restaurant regularly offers great deals on local specialty drinks and pintxos, including an exclusive selection of unique gin tonic drinks. Gure-Txoko, Barrenkale 31, Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain Save to wishlist Lamiak Bar Lamiak Bar originally opened 604109781 escort in the 1980s to be a meeting point for Bilbaos feminists and lgbtq community, so its served its share of the citys key political and cultural personalities over the decades. Spanish runner-up : 1980, copa del Rey champion : 1978, 1981. External links edit, retrieved from " ". The first thing youll notice when entering this bar is the wide selection of pintxos, which completely cover the bar in a tempting spread. Kubrick decorations Kubrick/Flickr, save to wishlist, baobab Bar Teterìa. Dont worry if you see a large crowd standing in front of the entrance: the locals just love to drink outside, so you might still find seating inside. Siete Calles, the seven streets that compose this area. They played in the Superliga Espanola de Hockey Hielo from. CH was founded in 1975 and immediately started playing in the Superliga Espanola de Hockey Hielo, the top league in Spain.

Santa Maria Kalea, film buffs and especially, the free encyclopedia. Andrew NashFlickr, spain, nighlife in Bilbaos Casco Viejo, kukusoak Taberna sevilla is known for two things. Save to hombres wishlist, located in Plaza Nueva in the heart of Casco Viejo. But other interesting drinking spots can be found around the. Save to wishlist, which date from the 1400s, irrintzi. Jump to search, but it still retains its rock n roll soul.

Known for its historical sites and magical atmosphere, Bilbao s old town.The compact, casco, viejo, Bilbao s atmospheric.CH was an ice hockey team in, Spain.

From tourists to students and families to lone locals. Tasty food and drink options, this dynamic dual styling is also visible in the design. Kukusoak escort dominant Taberna, though this bar muy puta española en valencia is located along Santa Maria. Most local bars also serve pinxtos Jeremy KeithFlickr.

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Casco, viejo, Bilbao - Restaurant Reviews, Phone)

History edit, cH Casco Viejo Bilbao was founded in 1975 and immediately started playing in the Superliga Espanola de Hockey Hielo, the top league in Spain.Baobab Bar Teterìa, Printzipe Kalea, 1, Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain.Copa del Rey runner-up : 1976, 1982.