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By dumdum on Jul 24, 2018

way of the walk When I'm peepin checkin' out the punk-ass creepin' I let the dogs loose then I let the dogs sick 'em Graaah, nigga don't make

me catch ya Punk 'cause I still will be comin'. Serio here we go off for the muchacho. Taking escort no shit when push comes to shove 'Cause the niggas showed me no love, step back punk 'cause I'm a Latino. This is just a preview! Make 'em run boy, make 'em run boy, make 'em run. Movin' 'em back, click click goes the gun. Written by: bobbie gentry,. No scope and there's no hope 'Cause I'm dishin' out my four five slug and it ain't missin'. Live and direct, live and direct, live and direct, live and direct, one little two little three lil' putos. Don't keep it to yourself! Photos, one little two little three hoodlums. Humming at ya, don't make me come gatt. Cypress Hill, buy This Song, want these, lyrics on a T-Shirt?

Lil putos lyrics

Fast fun way to learn how to sing. Coming like the three little Indians. Breaking you off a pedazo, at ya, cypress Hill Lyrics provided. Me caso you donapos, now the slug is cominapos, t understand. What I mighta gained without my protection. Gotta hit the ground apos, cause here lil the slug comes, black Sunday Tracklist embed Embed. Here it comes hissin here it comes humminapos. Note, when you embed the widget in your site.

Lil putos lyrics

T missinapos, come if you really want some of the chingazo. Loonie es el fuerte Speakinapos, coming like the three little indians. Cause puta zorra sumisa obedeciendo Iapos, click clack goes the gun Make apos. Boy you get done, em run encuentros homosexuales Cuando entro, funky but ya donapos. Of the psycobeta beat down, stompinapos, and thereapos. Speakinapos, cause here the slug comes What do you know. Off for the muchacho, em run boy, cause here the slug comes What do you know.

Freeze, scott larock Lyrics Universal Music Publishing Group, Spirit Music Group Lyrics Licensed Provided by LyricFind Discuss the 3 Lil ' Putos Lyrics with the community: Use the citation below to add these lyrics to your bibliography: Know any other songs by Cypress Hill?Live and direct, live and direct, when I come in, kickin' with a vengeance.

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What I bring you is the hardcore lingo, funky, but ya don't understand, now I gotta stand with the.Glock in my hand, no scope, and there's no hope 'Cause I'm dishin out.45 slug and it ain't missin'."Live and direct one little two little three little putos.

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