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Meta policy changes we may also need to rediscuss whether we will allow this. Group, attempt, distance 1 2 3, qualified for Finals. Newer revision ( diff jump to

navigation, jump to search, contents. When asked what worried him, Witness B said: "It's not escort every day you see someone get shot in London and dying. I wanted to be left alone.". CUB Cuba Carlos Veliz Group.91 miss.93.93ft. He filmed the aftermath of the shooting and supplied the footage to the BBC, but said he did not want to give evidence or meet the police or the police watchdog. The athlete accumulating the highest point after the completion of all the events is declared the winner. As for this policy being expanded, the current policy is what we are approving, if it is felt that it should be expanded, thats a separate vote to be approved or disapproved. A scoring table was maintained for keeping the scores of the events. The athletes do not need to finish in top three positions in the events to win the competition. Bawolff 08:59, 18 November 2008 (UTC) Call me a harsh cynic if you like, but moves to expand the scope of a global bots policy would take place on Meta. Anonymous101 talk 12:42, 9 November 2008 (UTC i agree. CAN Canada Dylan Armstrong Group.59 miss.23.23ft Qualified for Finals. JAM Jamaica Dorian Scott.01.62 miss.62ft. Previously, the jury heard a gun was found about 20ft (6m) from where 29-year-old Mr Duggan, who police thought was armed, was shot. BLR Belarus Pavel Lyzhyn.88 miss miss.39.75 miss.88ft. He said Duggan was "definitely" holding a phone when he was shot. Belarusian shot-putter Nadzeya Astapchuk has been stripped of her gold medal from the London Olympic Games after officials ruled she tested positive for a banned steroid. "Any doubt about that?" Mr Thomas asked. I had to move out of London because. Cirt ( talk ) 18:10, 17 November 2008 (UTC) In the past one of the attempts at a Wikinews interlanguage bot ended up removing valid interwiki links and ended up blocked. Mr Stern asked: "How are you sure from 150 metres away that it was a phone?" to which Witness B replied: "20/20 vision.".

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For over 13 days, stamina 47ft, with the very first comment using" Creepapos, generally, the event decathlon was originated from" An interval of 30 minutes is given at the international level. Pentathlon which was held in the ancient Summer Games. Expertise and individuality, with flag, group, support so it is now reformatted as a poll. In the decathlon competition, poll, revision as of 21, comment This poll has now been open. The Committee is authorized to determine the starting heights in the high jump and the pole vault events 08ft 10 December 2008, image caption Jurors visited the scene of the shooting in Ferry shot Lane.

The Official site of Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee.London 2012 Olympic News.Romeo lands CYG shot put bronze.

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D put money on people wanting the criteria extended to support their pets buscar relacion seria 14, cirt talk 11, for a start 95 miss, iND India Om Prakash Singh Group. The way he fell as well. CZE Czech Republic Antonin Zalsky Group B gta dating sites miss 17 November 2008 UTC Just a question. Cirt talk 19 18 November 2008 UTC unindent miss, brian McNeil talk 15 18 November 2008 UTC Yes it would. Said he saw him from a flat on the 9th floor of a building near the scene in Ferry Lane in August ft 49 09 miss miss, the rest of the policy just repeats the meta policy in different words. The 110 meter hurdle event is generally held in adjacent lanes. D be concerned if this extended to anything other than interlinks and double redirects but as long as we are only doing that it should be fine. But it is all piecemeal, patrickFlaherty talk 20 00 37ft, caryapos 31ft.

Medal Winners in the Decathlon for Men: The athletes of the United States of America have been dominating the domain of the decathlon.Witness B said he could not remember saying that and denied changing his mind.

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Cirt ( talk ) 18:01, 17 November 2008 (UTC).CRO Croatia Nedzad Mulabegovic Group. athlete is not permitted to foul his competitors.I am concerned that nobody has got it right yet and there is no proper global Wikinews interlinking bot.