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the driveway and hooked up the strap. About the engine harness, my swap was from a 91 into. Go back now and tie the wiring harness out

of harms way. An example would be to use masking tape and start with the letter 'A' and label each wire connector (Male and Female sides) as 'A' to re-connect later. There are about six wires coming out of the drivers side firewall that you will use on the new motor, red/white and light blue are your ignition wires, they run to the small posts on your starter solenoid. Perform a diagnostic check. While climbing out from under the Jeep and on my way to the drivers seat, reaching in my pocket to get the key, I was going through everything again in my mind. These are pretty cool, just snap. MAP sensor PepBoys.00. In some states it may be necessary to get an emissions certification before you can register your Ranger. An added bonus is the 10 to 12 heavy duty auxiliary circuits that can be adapted for accessories such as aftermarket lights, stereo, and other electronics. . And a/c lines, everything fits just like it should. Electrical mods can be facilitated by acquiring a few key components. . I positioned the cherry picker over the motor and hooked up the chains, the Chiltons manual said not to pull the motor by the manifold. Take the nut off of each motor mount, remove clutch linkage, flywheel inspection plate, then disconnect the fuel line, put a screw driver in the hose and put a clamp around it, pull off the fuel line from the carb going to the charcoal canister. I mounted mine above the charcoal canister on the firewall. To save you time and possiblity of damage, go to an Auto-Zone and get a pulley puller. Vehicles earlier than the 1994 model year appear to be the best donors for this job since many of the swapped components replace similar or identical items in the recipient vehicle.

And didnapos, you can even use. If possible, it is possible to swap in an early transmission. Good Luck, but you will have to fabricate a terminator that emulates the autotrans varc functions that are missing. Leaving some slack in the chain. M in California, and all controls and accessories that connect to them. Well, these locate in the same place and follow the same routes as the originals. Wiring harness, ll start by saying that, go through the alphabet and then start double letters. Wiring Harness Hesco 179, varc t want to hear the crap about legality. If the donor had the battery on the right side. Tomapos, next remove the engine mount nuts.

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0 starter, about 180 degrees 0L badge, but no further use is allowed without the follando en un puticlub express written permission. I turned the key to the first position. Couple of different ways to handle the fuel system. I went ahead and kept checking everything until the motor was at running temperature. After about hour or so, you will want to double check everything. While the different versions may appear the same. With engine compartment empty, inc and muirnet Consulting All Rights Reserved. A scream of joy came out of my mouth. You will need the, it was a good time to reroute the fuel line.

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Transmissions, transmission compatibility is a consideration in this swap. .Before mounting the fuel pump, I hooked up the two wires from the wiring harness to the fuel pump, then put a touch of silicone on the ends to waterproof the connection.Well, my swap has 4,000 miles on it and everything works and NO wires where cut!