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future. The European Union and its Member States welcome the 25th Annual Implementation Assessment Meeting (aiam). Un tel règlement du conflit dans la République de Moldavie serait une avancée

majeure pour la stabilité et la sécurité dans la région, mais aussi pour la prospérité et la sécurité de tous les résp27. Building on the commitments in 1373, this resolution calls upon all Member States to take action to prevent terrorists from benefiting directly or indirectly from ransom payments or from political concessions, and to work together to secure the safe release of hostages. Bosnia and Herzegovinas Chairmanship of the Council of Europe opens further possibilities for cooperation in this area. We reiterate our support to the ongoing efforts of the Normandy format in facilitating the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Those who are undermining prospects for a political solution risk tipping Libya fully into civil war. While peacekeeping operations must remain flexible so as to respond to changing realities on the ground, the partnership with regional and sub-regional organizations should - when appropriate - be considered as part of the mandate discussions, in consultation with the host country, and together with. We expect all parties to fully engage and swiftly implement all commitments under the Minsk documents. In this regard, we deeply regret that a Russian convoy of 227 vehicles entered Ukrainian territory without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities and in violation of previous understandings and the involvement of the icrc. Give priority to combatting sexual and gender based violence committed against children, including violations committed by non-state armed groups. Osce pS are signatories to a range of international instruments in this area, including in the United Nations, and these are all applicable in the osce space. The European Union deeply regrets the declaration by the Syrian regime that they will organize presidential elections on Any elections in Syria should only take place within the framework of the Geneva Communiqué of 2012, which was enshrined by this Council in resolution 21which the. In this respect, we encourage the FSC to take an active role in the Fifth Biennial Meeting of States to Consider the Implementation of the UN Programme of Action on salw (BMS5). More broadly, we remind that abiding fully and in good faith by all osce politico-military commitments is crucial in order to achieve tangible and lasting de-escalation of the situation, thus underpinning a peaceful resolution of the crisis in and around Ukraine. Good quality in terms of services provided and working and pay conditions remain key issues if we want to avoid the perpetuation of gender labour market segregation. In this respect, we welcome the adoption chess of MC decision 10/14 on salw and SCA and believe it provides a good basis for boosting relevant norms and activities through improved implementation and increased coherence and complementarity with commitments related to the UN framework, inter alia. Many persons are still deprived of their liberty. In this respect, we are pleased to note that the total resources received by the TCP increased.9 in 2014 compared to 2013, due to a significant increase in the amount of extrabudgetary resources. We appreciate efforts in this respect, including activities on gender responsive mediation and supporting the participating States on the national implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Victim assistance will continue to be an important dimension of the new projects. What is at stake are the established fundamental principles that have provided a solid cornerstone for the European security order and cooperation between states for many years. We underline Russias responsibility in this regard. This is even more relevant at a time, where considerable additional financial resources have had to be found to finance the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine and other osce activities related to the crisis in and around Ukraine. Hence, the European Union continues to implement its dedicated policy on women, peace and security, adopted in 2008, including through close cooperation with international and regional organisations. This, together with the growing rental costs and the competition for jobs, has raised tensions between the refugee and host populations, particularly in Northern governorates. The ceasefire must be respected, heavy weapons withdrawn and foreign armed formations, military equipment as well as mercenaries removed from the territory of Ukraine. The Decision amends the list of persons and entities subject to restrictive measures as set out in Annex I to Decision 2013/255/cfsp. Girls are prevented from going to school or forced to marry. We would finally like to thank the Office of the High Commissioner for its valuable contribution to the UPR in the areas of capacity-building and assistance. T, de leur souhait de poursuivre le dialogue et de r?soudre ce conflit par des voies exclusivement pacifiques. We welcome your commitment to maintain a strong focus on the crisis in and around Ukraine and trust that you will do your utmost to uphold and defend these established fundamental principles and commitments during your Chairmanship.

With the expectation that resolution 68268 will make a real xhamster and positive contribution to promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms for all. Economic and social impact of the crisis. Including acts of violence, in particular between Albania and its neighbours. We highly appreciate todayapos, we also commend the Secretariat for the series of Technical Meetings held with Member States in 2014 and the Technical Meeting in January this year.

Despite the many positive examples of progress achieved around the world, indigenous peoples, particularly women and girls, continue to experience multiple forms of discrimination, vulnerability and marginalisation in their lives.Putas, colombianas scenes than, pornhub!

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Live side by side in peace with secure and recognised borders must remain our objective. Just recently the como EU and unido decided to closer cooperate in the field of carambru energy and environment and the promotion of industrial cooperation and Small and Medium Enterprises policy implementation. Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine. Particularly in the UN Human Rights Council. The report presented to the Council today underlines yet again the direct impact that ongoing armed conflicts around the world have on children. The EU also very much welcomes the bridges that nhri networks such as the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions ennhri are building between nhris globally. We support efforts to strengthen outreach with nonParticipating Governments and also fully support NSG dialogue with relevant international organisations and arrangements. And the National Union of the Journalists of Ukraine organised by the Representative on Freedom of the Media. A comprehensive peace where two democratic states.

Before the beginning of the ceasefire we were witness to increasing flows of fighters and heavy weapons from the territory of the Russian Federation into eastern Ukraine as well as the aggressive acts by Russian armed forces on sovereign Ukrainian territory in clear breach.We need to strengthen the osces effectiveness across the conflict cycle and to achieve tangible progress in resolution of the protracted conflicts in Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, and of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.Faced with these challenges, we welcome the focus of this year's note on international protection on the rule of law as the fundament of the stability of the international protection system.

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Sustained efforts are needed here.To be delivered.E.They play a crucial role in our security. .

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