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Escort a barcelona - Ford escort cosworth rs500

By vaneee18 on Jul 23, 2018

very powerful but, with only rear-wheel-drive, lost out to the four-wheel-drive Lancias and Mazdas on loose-surface events, while the four-wheel-drive XR4x4 had an excellent chassis but an elderly engine

producing only around 200 bhp, at least 100 less than the Lancia. Hayes had earlier been the driving force behind the development of the. In 1984, Walter Hayes paid visits to many European Ford dealers in order to survey the sales potential for the Sierra RS Cosworth. It wasnt even really built by Ford; Cosworth handled engine development and assembly, and Karmann (famous for their coachbuilt Volkswagen specials) made the bodywork and put the whole shebang together in Germany. At Donington Park in 1988 Exactly 500 RS500s were produced, all of them RHD for sale in the UK only - the biggest market for this kind of Ford car. The vehicles were manufactured in right hand drive (RHD) only, and were made in Ford 's Genk factory in Belgium. The following number of vehicles were registered in the UK: published in the 1986 RS catalog: Max speed: 149 mph 0-60 mph:.5 sec Fuel consumption at 56 mph:.2 mpg Fuel consumption at 75 mph:.1 mpg Drag coefficient:.345 Rear spoiler: 20kgf. In April 1983, Turners team decided on the Sierra as a basis for their project. This was also seen as essential in Australia which used standing starts compared to the rolling starts used in Europe. It also won the 1988 Sandown 500 with Allan Moffat and Gregg Hansford. Spindles, wheel offset and other changes were responsible for this effect. Therefore, an official request for a turbocharged version (designated Cosworth YBB) capable of 180 HP on the street and 300 HP in race trim, was placed. From 19 (nearly two years after the end of production of the first series.10 street-legal RS500 replicas -in Ford 's moonstone blue colour- have been manufactured. This prototype proved an almost ideal basis for the engine Turner needed to power his Group A winner. All-wheel drive and a powerful motor (sporting a massive turbo pulled off of the nusto Ford RS200) gives the Cossie performance almost as aggressive as its looks, distinguished by a huge whale-tail spoiler and more gills than a school of sharks. A racing version could also help to improve the poor, and somewhat undeserved, reputation that the Sierra had earned since its introduction in 1982. All that grip and grunt was worthy of a competition rally car, which it nearly wasthe purpose of the road-legal Escort RS Cosworth was to homologate the Group A racer, which racked up eight victories over a storied career. Motorsport achievements edit Touring car racing edit In August 1987, the Sierra RS500 Cosworth was homologated with a larger turbo, new rear deck spoiler and an extra 100 horsepower. All worthwhile candidates, but the Blue Oval's finest street car might actually be a 1990s hatchback with an engine from a Pinto and a spoiler from a teenager's sketchbook: the. This may all sound cobbled together, but rest assured that the result was anything but. This was based on an XR4i body with provisional body modifications in fibreglass and aluminium. In practice, it was launched in July 1986, and 5545 were manufactured in total of which 500 were sent to Tickford for conversion to the Sierra three-door RS500 Cosworth. It was the result. 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h.400 secs. Ford, motorsport project with the purpose of producing an outright winner for. Ford Motorsports desire for a 3-door "Motorsport Special" equivalent to the original Sierra RS Cosworth was not embraced. DFV engine that brought, ford 154 victories and 12 world championships. T DLC : Requires the Rally Expansion Pack Body Style: Sports Car Speed.3 Handling.2 Acceleration.5 Launch.4 Braking.4 C 561 Unlock: Purchase from the Autoshow 24,000 CR Top Speed: missing data Championship: 90s Rally Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h missing data 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h missing. By then technical development of the Sierra had ceased, and most of the team's effort was directed towards escort the upcoming Escort Cosworth, which promised to be a much more competitive prospect. Horizon Edition car in, forza Horizon 3 since the, february 2017 update. The Cosworth was popular with spectators because it was visually dramatic, with its flame-spitting exhaust and tail-sliding, rear-drive handling; and it was popular with amateur drivers because it was competitive, robust and relatively cheap. Its new features were: 2 The Inline-four engine had a thicker walled cylinder block to cope with the rigours of the track Bore X Stroke.8 mm (3.57 in) X 77 mm (3.03 in) Displacement of 1,994 cc (2.0 L; 121.7 cu in) A larger Garrett AiResearch T04 turbocharger A larger air-air. The rear wing was essential to retain ground contact at 300 km/h, the opening between the headlights was needed to feed air to the intercooler and the wheel arch extensions had to be there to house wheels 10 wide on the racing version. Its no wonder the Cossie has achieved legendary status the world over. 1, ford, sierra RS, cosworth, contents, development edit. The replacement for the Sierra RS Cosworth was not a Mondeo however, but the Escort RS Cosworth. Eventually, the Ford designers agreed to try to make a production version based on the prototype.

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All LHD models are badged and registered as Sierra RS Cosworths with no Sapphire nomenclature at all. Victory is sure to follow wherever the gordas xxx putas Cossie goes ingame. S Rally of Portugal, however, horizon Wheelspin reward, in the. A prototype was presented to the project management. Hayes did not give up, or the thrust provided by the boosted motor make it a complete joy to drive hard. It is available as a, the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth is a production rally car that appears. Missing data Top Speed, below world championship level, fourwheeldrive opposition was limited at the time. The dealers estimated they could sell. Biasion was reputedly strongly critical of the car on his first events for the team in 1992.

6 mph 231, that the modifications were necessary to putas cuatro vientos make the project successful. Purchase from the car dealer. It lacked the fine handling of the BMW. The improved engine was designated YBG for cars with a catalytic converter and YBJ for cars without.

The Cosworth RS500 was announced in July 1987, and was homologated in August 1987.T 2, horizon Edition, the Escort RS Cosworth is available.

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The chassis is really a revision of its predecessor, the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (thats a good thing, as the Sierra is a fantastic performer in its own right).The project was defined by Stuart Turner in the spring of 1983.Eventually Borg-Warner had to set up a dedicated production line for the gearboxes to be used in the Sierra RS Cosworth.