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Natura park beach eco puta cana, To put two or some things into a straight line. Marti oaxaca

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and opinions clearly so that people understand them and realize what sort of person you are: Sues never been very good at putting herself across at interviews. Make extra

work put somebody out to make extra work or cause problems for someone: Mary cant come to dinner tonight. To save money regularly, usually for a particular purpose: She put at least 30 a week aside for food. Put up a proposal/argument/case etc to explain a suggestion or idea so that other people can think about it or discuss it: If you can put up a good enough case, the board will provide the finance. I put the letter back in the envelope. Write/print something to write or print something or to make a mark with a pen or pencil put something in/on/under etc something Put your name at the top of each answer sheet. ) poner en práctica English-spanish dictionary 18 put into practice ( to do, as opposed to planning etc: He never gets the chance to put his ideas into practice. Troops were positioned around the city. Put forward a plan/scheme Both parties have put forward plans for political reform. The subject matter makes the painting a little, how shall I put it (how can I say it politely?), undesirable for public teatro broadway display. To use a lot of energy etc when you are doing an activity: Candidates put a lot of time and effort into gaining qualifications. In danger After all, the inspector himself admitted wondering whether Nicola had learnt or been given something that put her in danger. Put somebody in a good/bad etc mood (make them feel happy/annoyed etc the long delay had put us all in a bad mood. Put somebody/something before somebody/something Some companies put profit before safety. I put the coin in my pocket. See Thesaurus box on,.1414. FOR people TO SEE put something up to put a picture, notice etc on a wall so that people can see it: Can I put up some posters? Hes not very musical, to put it mildly (hes not musical at all). Light put something out to make a light stop working by pressing or turning a button or switch SYN switch off. Place to put something somewhere carefully: Its beautiful, he said, placing it back on the shelf. ON skin put something on to put make-up, cream etc on your skin: Ive got to put this cream on twice a day. Put something to something He put his signature to the contract (he signed it to show he agreed with it). Put something before somebody The budget was put before the board of directors. Put something back phrasal verb. His boss resigned and Murphy was put in charge. Put the phone down to put the receiver back onto the telephone when you have finished speaking to someone SYN hang up put the phone down on She put the phone down on me (suddenly ended the conversation). To make someone or something have something that they used to have before: The win put a smile back on his face. To keep a period of time free in order to be able to do something: If youre planning a trip to the museum, be sure to put aside at least an hour and a half.

Put off doing something I put off going to the doctor but I wish I hadnt. Or to use it, leaving the court, succinctly using only a few words A Russian put economist put it most succinctly. He put the coffee on the table. Especially after other failed attempts, put through phrasal verb, people do not care about carbon. Put somebodysomething firstsecond etc The jobs important to him. They are put to work for their hands. Put up with somebodysomething phrasal verb to accept an unpleasant situation or person without complaining. Used before saying something in an indirect or polite wayMr Lewis is now how line shall we put. Or to put it another way say it in different words. Put something away informal to score a goal.

Definition of put into in the Idioms Dictionary.What does put into expression mean?

To put two or some things into a straight line: Camiseta galiza manda puta

Put down phrasal verb, to try to stop thinking about a problem. Paul seemed to have more money than the fill de puta havies de ser catala rest of us put together 13 send somebody somewhere always adverbprepositionPUT to arrange for someone to go to a place. Our win today put us back into third place in the league. Send somebody somewhere always adverbpreposition to arrange for someone to go to a place. Than the restthe otherseverything else put together used to say that one amount is greater than the total of a set of amounts. Gina put up a real fight to overcome the disease. Make available put something out to put things where people can find and use them. Or to make them go there put somebody in something The company is putting in new management.

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Put someone or something into order Think in English

To form people or things into a group: We are currently putting together a sales and marketing team.In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "into." Be sure to put the car into neutral before you take your foot off the clutch.) megvalósít English-Hungarian dictionary 20 to put into practice to put into practice pôr em prática.Have SEX American English informal if a woman puts out, she has sex with a man.