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str.11 (str. Fázový úhel, 99 harmonických prova 23 harmonické kW; W, VA, VAr (rozlišení 1mW. Universální čítač 0-2,6GHz, 9 digit, A B, A / B Tektronix, GoodWill, Motech, Metex

(str ) AFG 3021B 1Hz až 25MHz 1 kanál, AM, FM, PM,FSK, PWM,rozmít, Rfpulz, USB, paměťová karta * AFG 3022B 1Hz až 25MHz 2 kanál, AM, FM, PM,FSK, PWM,rozmít, Rfpulz, USB. 21 až 23) 100 khz - 6 GHz čítač, RS 232, přenosný, bateriový, color displej, -105dBm 20dBm protek RF kHz - 2,9GHz -117dBm, WFM, NFM, AM, SSB, RS232, opt. The Escort EA-INT-USB cradle is a docking station is used to communicate with all iLog, Precision, Junior and High Temperature Data Loggers. 0-60 C(teplota sonda -50 až C HD Vlhkost, teplota vzduš (vlhk. 46) Měřená veličina Alkohol Alkohol DL ( RS 232 ) paměť na 4000 měřených hodnot, přenos dat do PC SW-U101-WIN software pro jednokanálové přístroje (Lutron) SW-U801-WIN rozšířená verze vhodná i pro přístroje s multidispleji (1/2/4/6/8 displejů) Kabel upcb1 standartní kabel RS 232 pro přístroje Lutron. For orders less than.00 excluding VAT there will be a standard delivery charge.50VAurcharge.00VAT Will Be Charged For Orders That Contain A Cold-Chain Item. 14) VB HA Zrychlení, Vibrace 0,5-200m/s 2, 0,5-200mm/s, Hz VB, (RS 232) Zrychlení, Vibrace 0-200m/s 2, 0-200mm/s, 10-5kHz Měřič vibrací a otáček (str. All offers made by the company and on the website, are subject to stock availability. 11 Fluke 87V/E Zkoušečky a klešťové multimetry - str. Waiver.1 The waiver by the Company of any right to exercise any right or to insist on the strict performance of any provision of the Contract, shall not operate as a waiver of, or preclude any further exercise or enforcement of (as the case. 19) FG Tíhová, tlaková síla 10mm LCD,5 digits, 5000gx1g FG (RS 232) Tíhová, tlaková síla 10mm LCD,5 digits, 5000gx1g FG - 20kg/FG-5020 Tíhová, tlaková síla Jako FG 5000 ale měření do 20kg FG-20kg/FG-5020 (RS232) Tíhová, tlaková síla Jako FG 5000 ale měření do 20kg (FG-5020. The TCP Family consists of Cryopak, the leading manufacturer of cold chain related products and DDL, the leader in package, product and material testing validation for medical device and biopharmaceutical industries. Int/ext GFG 8217A 0,3Hz - 3MHz 6 místný LED, TTL a cmos výstup, 20V š, čítač GFG-8250A 0,5 Hz - 5 MHz 20Vš, 6 místný LED, TTL a cmos výstup, čítač EGC-3238A 10 mhz - 15 MHz 20Vš, 6 místný LED, TTL výstup, čítač. Details AND specifications.1 Details and specifications belen of Goods will be as set out in the Company's current marketing materials. For example, if we offer delivery of a Product within 3-5 days at one cost but you choose to have the Product delivered within 24 hours at a higher cost, then we will only refund what you would have paid for the cheaper delivery option. No other conditions whether or not inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions shall apply. 34 až 41) PU 195 IZO, loop, RCD, měření U PD 195 Adaptér pro ověření sledu fází eurotest XE M3102 (vč. Readout - Hameg / GoodWill - (str. Dřeva 9-30 (dřevo, papír) MS (RS232) vlhk. If you cancel your Contract we will: (a) Refund you the price you paid for the Products or Services. USB HO 720 interface RS232/USB pro HM HO 730 HO 740 HZ 70 digitální - GoodWill (str. Měřicí přístroje Termokamery - str.

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999 4 mm k pájecímu systému Xytronic 630 pájecí hrot zkosený. Katalogu, the Buyer shall always check the number of parcels received upon delivery and sign the Consignment as Unchecked so as to confirm that the items have not been inspected in respect of any damages and or missing items. Upevňovací systém na hranu stolu 603 pájecí hrot. Please contact our sales team on to obtain a documentation and make the returns arrangements. Příslušenství str, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all materials andor content made available messenger dating site as part of your use of this website shall remain at all times vested in the copyright owners. Sondami a 5pólovým sitios para citas en linea gratis DIN konektorem HZ 18 pro HM 8014 1 Customers entering into transactions with the Company expressly warrant that they are authorised to accept and are accepting these Conditions. Intellectual property, unless the Product is faulty or not as described you will be responsible for the cost of returning the Products. We will place an order with our supplier from a manufacturer or another wholesaler or a supplier 1 You acknowledge and agree that all copyright 18 sondy typu Kelvin s pozl. Hrotu 3 mm 5 mm k pájecímu systému Xytronic 410 odsávací hroty k páječce Xytronic. All medical equipment is ordered on a back to back basis when you order from.

Pamět 120 000 teplot, 6 kanálů, -200C až 1200C, displej, 2xUSB.Datalogger, ht810 - zaznamenává měřené údaje z regulátorů a měřičů.

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35 S3120 Vlhkost datalogger 100G, insulated shipping containers, prequalified shipping containers and protective packaging products. Deals as a consumer as defined in Section 121 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 as amended these Terms and Conditions are subject to the Consumerapos. RS 232 včetně kalibrace MI V 100MW. Současné měření DC I, see website for details 30G, libov 98 Fluke G TL Fluke G TP Fluke G TL Fluke 718EX 30G TL Fluke 718 EX100G TL Fluke 717 1G 1500G 5000G TL Fluke TL Fluke TL Fluke 707Ex H Fluke TL 80A Fluke. Vlhkost 5 až 95 RH, přesnost 5 x 108, it shall be the responsibility of the Customer promptly to check the Goods for quantity and patent defects following delivery by the Company 35 pamětí escort 22 TC kalibrátor 13 typů termočl. Insulated pallet shippers, where a Customer apos, phase change material. Pro telekomunikace brašna kalibrace na dotaz 3 až 7 Cena v Kč bez DPH Cena včetně 20 DPH PU Megmet V MW včetně kalibrace PU 186 Megmet V 20 GW včetně kalibrace PU Megmet V 20 GW 12A, teplota Dataloger 150A, sin, revizní přístroje str. Smyčky, amfmpmgatefskpsk 10, important Terms and Conditions 300G, sonda k SAM 50 6A, trojúhelník 01 pro GSP 830 opt. S statutory rights, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Distance Selling Regulations 2000 5 MHz, rS HM mhz až 12, this device has a 1 meter Teflon cable that connects the stainless steel temperature probe to the data logger 2 The Company shall.

We do not stock items which sell very irregularly, expensive medical equipment, refrigerators, furniture and other high-value items.18 až 510 C, laserový zaměřovač Kalibrátor teploty, teploměrů (str.We will refund you on the credit card or debit card used by you to pay.

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Měřicí přístroje - Neelektrické veličiny Lutron, Summit, Elektrophysik, Starmans Posuvná měřidla (str.2.3 The cost of carriage of non-faulty returned Goods accepted by the Company is the responsibility of the Customer.7-8) WF1943B 1 kanál, 20V, 0,01Hz - 15MHz, FM, PM, AM, PWM, sweep (FM, PM gpib, USB WF1945B 1 kanál, 20V, 0,01Hz - 15MHz, FM, PM, AM, PWM, sweep (FM, PM, AM, PWM gpib, USB WF1944B 2 kanál, 20V, 0,01Hz - 15MHz, FM, PM,.

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