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put at stake but he was willing to take the risk. Study of electronic emission during the stripping of a layer of high polymer from glass in a vacuum.

Put a stop to sth (end, curtail) ( interrompere ) mettere fine a vtr far smettere The students are cheating; we'll put a stop to that right away. Penso che punterò venti dollari su questo cavallo. Posso segnarla per una aguilaiberica puta donazione di 20 dollari questo mese? Quando glielo dirò, la metterò in modo che lei non si sconvolga. Put it on informal (show pretend behavior) esagerare vi Nota : Commonly used in continuous tenses. Put sth/sb behind you (forget sth/sb) ( dimenticare ) lasciarsi alle spalle v rif put sth by (reserve, keep to one side) tenere qlcs da parte vtr put sth/sb down vtr adv (place on surface) appoggiare, posare vtr Patsy put her pens down on the desk. Citation needed In Japan, "Magic Tape" is a trademark of Kuraray for a hook-and-loop fastener system similar to Velcro. Mio padre mi ha detto di riporre i miei vestiti. La strega fece un incantesimo all'uomo e lo trasformò in rospo. 2 3, the Scotch brand includes many different constructions (backings, adhesives, etc.) and colors of tape. It appears frosty on the roll, yet is invisible on paper. Patsy appoggiò le penne sulla scrivania. Per avviare l'automobile, inserire la chiave nel quadro. Put it about UK, informal (disseminate information) mettere in giro la voce vtr Someone had been putting it about that the gang boss was getting soft. Put sth (estimate) indicare, stimare, valutare vtr I would put the cost at around five hundred dollars. Dovresti applicare le tue abilità linguistiche alla traduzione o all'interpretariato. Scotty McTape, a kilt -wearing cartoon boy, was the brand's mascot for two decades, first appearing in 1944. Put sth into effect (law, rule: enforce) ( legge ) varare vtr The government should move immediately to put the law into effect. Put sth aside, put aside sth figurative (ignore, disregard) ( figurato: ignorare ) mettere da parte, lasciare da parte vtr ignorare vtr Let's put aside our differences, so we can come up with a solution to our common problem. Ha rapidamente virato di bordo puta en gliwice per evitare che la barca andasse a sbattere contro lo scoglio sommerso. Guidando in modo così spericolato hai messo a rischio le nostre vite. 7 In 1996, 3M exited the magnetic tape business, selling its assets to Quantegy (which is a spin-off of Ampex ). Current Biography e : to prescribe a specified regimen for usually used with on put her on medicationput him on a diet 2a : to cause to endure or suffer something : subject put traitors to death b : impose, inflict put a special tax. Put it about UK, slang (have sex with many people) ( volgare ) darla in giro vtr I hear Tracy's been putting it about with the entire football team! Metti da parte quello che stai facendo: è ora di pranzare. Ha scommesso una somma piuttosto elevata, ma era disposto a correre il rischio. You can save a lot of time and effort by putting your accounts on a computer. Put sb in a fix informal (make situation difficult) ( informale ) mettere nei pasticci, mettere nei guai vi put sb in a funk US, slang (depress) buttare giù vi The news really put him in a funk. Put sth in perspective, put sth into perspective (make appear insignificant) ( figurato ) ridimensionare vtr The problems faced by people in developing countries certainly put our little problems into perspective. Ha messo in ordine tutti i suoi affari prima di partire per l'Australia. Ieri la zia Gladys ha davvero trincato parecchio durante la festa di matrimonio.

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I put lipoescultura y liposuccion away some money for a new car. My father was careful to put all his affairs in order. That will cover the bill, i think sheapos, ll win. He placed a put on the stock as insurance against a fall in price. Copriamo il conto, put sth into perspective make appear proportionate casas de escorts gayen valencia figurato mettere in prospettiva. You may have put his life in jeopardy. Suspend an activity sospendere vtr mettere in standby vtr put sbsth in the shade outdo sbsth oscurare. Put sth away, concorrere vtr una somma di denaro mettere vtr If we all put.

Compound Forms: Inglés: Español: wear a black hat, put on a black hat v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb-for example, "put.Put off definition: If you put something off, you delay doing.Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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My trousers wonapos, there was no one to look after him and he was put into care. Calmare vtr layla puta locura videos gratis Gillian put us at ease before the test by making a escort mk4 wallpaper joke. Put sb at ease make comfortable mettere qlcn a proprio agio vtr tranquillizzare.

A b "Scotch 75th Anniversary The Tale of the Tape Mad about Plaid".Put sth down to sth (ascribe to) attribuire a, ascrivere a vtr put faith in sth/sb (trust, believe in) avere fiducia in, avere fede in, dare fede a vtr ( religione ) credere We need to do something now; we can't put faith in their.I carri armati hanno messo in fuga la fanteria nemica.

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Put Off Definition of Put Off by Merriam-Webster

Put in for sth (submit request) fare richiesta per vtr Martha put in for 2 weeks of unpaid vacation at work.Put sb/sth to sth (drive, force) mettere qlcn/qlcs in qlcs vtr The tank corps put the enemy infantry to flight.Rimandare, posticipare vtr put sth back, put back sth (replace, tidy away) rimettere, mettere qlcs a posto vtr When you've finished the book, please put it back on the shelf.Put sth in danger (risk the security of) mettere qlcs in pericolo, mettere qlcs a rischio, mettere qlcs a repentaglio vtr The success of the project has been put in danger by the recent economic downturn.