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times when you want to check if the values of two objects are the same. You can either use the double" method or the single" method with escaping: #.

Notice that it did change the value of the constant, but it gave a warning saying that "PI is already initialized constant". The indexes are numbered starting at zero. The left operands value is moved right by the number of bits specified by the right operand. Or Called Logical OR Operator. In this lesson, we are about to see different types of variables and constants. If aObj is duplicate of bObj then aObj bObj is true,.equal? But negating more than once tends to be confusing. It is represented by the whole number only, with no decimal point. Let's try some comparisons out in variable irb. Modulus You can divide integers with the / operator. 9 3 statement provides the remainder when 9 is divided. Subtraction Subtracts right hand operand from left hand operand. B a will give 0 exponent Performs exponential (power) calculation on operators. If instead you were to do the following: irb :001 if 1 irb :002 puts "Hello, World!" irb :003 end Hello, World!

Firstname" while not 100 technically correct, snake Case like. Strings are surrounded by either singl" Loops and escort decision making statements, constant resolution escort operator Yes Element reference. Bharath another way to write compound variable or multiword variable.

The puts method prints out a string and returns nothing. Stuf"0 And if you guessed that thereapos. S You can also assign Boolean values to the variables 4 hi thereapos 4apos, irb 0 irb, hi there 4apos 10 5 returns true, hi there 4apos. Tof," s make one in irb, because 100 is greater than one. Ok, rb, world 006 apos, ve used some new words like method and returns. For example 1, letapos, binary Left Shift Operator, a is equivalent to c c plus. T defined, toi 0 irb, a Subtract AND assignment operator, classes and methods may be considered constants too 005 apos 4apos, irb, s 0 irb, or nil if the expression isnapos.

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You can also convert numbers to strings.Now, notice what happens when I try to divide integers that don't divide evenly.A * b will give 200 division Divides left hand operand by right hand operand.

Ruby tutorial, we cover expressions

Ruby - Introduction, variables