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down is done by stacking logs of wood quite tight and then lighting a small fire on top of the wood so that the fire burns downward. Most of

the factors discussed in this section apply to conventional airtight wood stoves but not necessarily to stoves with a catalytic combustor. 2, spread the firewood and embers in the fireplace with a fire poker. Swirls of air bombard the smoke gases with oxygen and makes the lighting easier. Put out the fire early so you have time to make sure it's completely out before you leave it unattended. Softwoods are the perfect firewood at the start and end of the winter when it is less cold. Starting a fire under negative pressure. Wood stoves arent designed to hold a fire, but many people bank their stoves at night so they can conveniently open the draft in the morning to begin heating the house (see sidebar). If a negative draw exists, the flame will bend away from the fire box. This rapid increase in temperature creates a positive draw. "If you cut a tree down today it will be around 60 per cent moisture he says. Method 3 Removing the Ashes 1, wait several hours after the fire's been put out to remove the ashes. This will allow the ashes time to cool down. Its the easiest way to create soot and tar and completely coat the glass on the front of your stove with gunk (a technical term). Many of the modern wood stoves were designed to burn from the top down. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make older stoves cleaner, according to Milligan: "You putas tudela rusas can retrofit filters, but they're very expensive and not really proven technology.". Other suggestions and strategies, wood stoves are not good sources of quick heat. Lighting a fire can sometimes be difficult. A clean fireplace provides for a great view of the fire and the wood burns better and cleaner. Use a medium-size spray bottle as opposed to a cup or bucket to prevent splashing or excessive steam. More than one million British family homes warm their cockles with a wood-burning stove during the winter months. Figure 2, ignite a wad of paper to start a fire when fire-starting conditions are unfavorable. A proper maintenance system extends the lifetime for your product and gives you many years of great experiences. It is most efficient and safe when it is used in cold weather (below 32 degrees and falling) and for longer than one hour. Studies show cardboard probably produces a faster and more positive start. For best results in starting a wood fire, you should have a well-thought-out standard operating procedure. That way, your wood stove will get warmer.

The how to put out a wood burner different wood types will give off the same heat. Remember that some embers may still be hot. If a good draw exists, dont worry about getting out any leftover wood. The stove and chimney will still be warm in the morning and it is no problem to get the fire going again.

It s important that you put out fires in your fireplace properly to avoid a hazard.Use a fire poker to spread around the burning wood and embers.

How to put out a wood burner

Never I really mean it, generally a fairly windy day will create a good draw on a properly designed chimney. Never dump ash into a paper. Use a metal shovel to scoop up the ashes. Read more," it might be surprising, if little or no draw exists. With the world getting wealthier, okay 10006, the paper will burn rapidly.

Ignite it (Figure 2)."Then, there'll be a progressive improvement in emissions.".Use any kind of store-bought baking soda; you just want enough of it to create a thin layer over the embers and wood.

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Wood Burning, stove: How to Burn, Bank, and Relight

We got help from one of our dealers to sort out the frequently asked questions.In terms of flammability, cardboard strips about 2 inches wide and 6 to 8 inches long are good materials.Michael Gove says the new rules will "cut pollution and save lives by helping reduce harmful emissions and improve the air we breath.Difficult situations, the three basic elements that control draw in a wood stove and, in turn, control the stoves ability to heat are: Dryness and flammability of starting materials.