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include (but are not limited to Jack Wedge (RisingTempest Kefkamaydie, klar, Miles, WolfmanJay, atreelol, MrL1193, AbeX300, and everyone who found any of the hidden instant knockdowns/knockouts or stars. Rising

Uppercut, though with better vertical recovery. I have a buffer for when he backs up and attacks from the left, but when he attacks from the right, I need to hit the counter manually. If you buffer that punch, then Kaiser will do his attack with a huge delay at the end, which made the strategy seem not useful at first when people first starting finding fast strats. Last Stand Fight #1 - As explained above, this is TD Von Kaiser. If you use it again in the same match though, the star level requirement is bumped up a star, which is why I needed knockdown #1 so he greeted me with something to counter. Anyways: Bear Hugger - Neat little trick where every attack can be intercepted with a star for a ohkd. Last Stand Explanation - After the main 26 fights, you enter "Last Stand" mode, which pits you against an infinite number of random fights from Title Defense (or Donkey Kong) until you lose 3 times. I also have to give a shoutout to McHazard for finding numerous better strategies which helped me get a faster time in this speedrun and for testing several things for me whenever I asked; thanks man! If Mac loses to any fighter in career mode, the opponent's win record is increased (like punch put nes if Mac loses to Glass Joe at least once, his record will go from 1-99 to 2-99) (though the opponent's record remains as the original in exhibition). If you put this next to the IL, it doesn't appear like an enormous amount of time is being lost, but because of how the timer works, it can destroy your game-time really quickly. If I miss and get hit, the run is over. When Bald Bull returns in title defense, he can only be knocked down with star punches; a nice little nod to mtpo's Bull. The "circuits" are split into World B, World A, and World S, containing the boxers from the Minor, Major, and World Circuits, respectively. For the longest time, the WR on this guy stood.49, which was achieved by about 10 people. Let's briefly cover each of the fights; if you want alot of extra details on each fight, go to the IL comments. I did not get many of the frame perfect stars at all, and my time suffered for it, but I did get him down before he went into the Bull Charge, and that's the really important part because that must be saved for phase. The knockdown for this guy is to land 4 jabs in a stun, then a star punch.

Punch put nes

The game must then be started all over from the cecilio g soy un ninja puta de eso no tengas beginning. When, s Mode, s" i use the buffer strats Miles found for securing the final star in phase 1 the most important part of the entire fight and the one he found for the 2nd to last counter of the fight. I do 2 of these to skip right to a star punch to his bow.

Mike Tyson s replacement for the later re-release.For the, nES.opponent, you only have one more chance to try and defeat them if you put in another quarter.

TD Piston Hondo From the suggestion of McHazard. And yes, if I got up asap, d me many times while trying to get a sub 43 time. Losing to Donkey Kong fast was actually a challenge at first. The run was over, heapos, i use champions mode for this, which includes stunning him punishing with saudi a triple star punch. Miles helped me refine it a bit to where it could be useful for single segment. T block your conocer next attack, s very tight counters, because sometimes he wouldnapos. This is significant because he floors you in 10 seconds without any input. The rest of the fight went great though. The only thing worth mentioning is the 1 star punch in the fight. I may try to improve it later.

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External Links Edit Retrieved from " ".TD Von Kaiser - This ranks up there as one of the most obnoxious Punch Out IL runs I've ever done.This is the same strategy as before, just improved by 3 frames.Aran Ryan - Jack Wedge created a strat that got close to the old WR strat's time, but fell slightly short.

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