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By kikuska8792 on Jul 25, 2018

right to freedom of opinion and expression noted in his June report that since his 2016 visit to Tajikistan the "draconian restrictions on opposition voices and the squeezing of

civil society" had continued to worsen. The law was proposed following claims, recambios which were not substantiated, by some officials that over 80 of internet users accessed sites with extremist content. Iphr is also concerned that law enforcement officers may use the task to identify and register lgbt people, or their access to the register, to blackmail and extort money from them or to subject them to forced medical testing. Repression of dissent, dozens of members and associates of banned opposition groups, such as Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan and Group 24, and their families sought protection abroad. Women in particular were prohibited from wearing black at funerals. This was the result of a long-running human trafficking investigation led by Italy which has revealed substantial links with other crime areas, ranging from organised property crimes (smash and grab raids) to bodily injuries and extortion. The authorities continued to impose sweeping restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly to silence critical voices. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (lgbti) people were subjected to violence, arbitrary arrest and discrimination. "We had to call the government and say, 'Hey would you like to come get your leased car 'cause your colonel is on the way to the county jail the paper"s Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd as saying. Police and security services continued to persecute human rights lawyers and their families. In February, Firdavs District Court in Dushanbe started hearings into a third criminal case brought by the authorities against Buzurgmekhr Yorov on new fraud charges, allegedly in response to complaints made against him by members of the public. The process of registering lgbt people appears to be continuing. Scott entered the Marine Corps in 1984 and is a logistics officer, O'Hara said. He concluded that "the Government is obligated under human rights law to reconsider its entire approach to restricting the opposition, the media, the Internet, and civil society as a whole.". Konuniyat, the Prosecutor Generals Office, the MIA and the State Committee on Womens Affairs and Family jointly launched the operations Morality and Purge in 2015 to prevent and combat offences against morality and amoral behaviour, targeting a wide range of people including lgbts. As a party to international human rights treaties including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Tajikistan has committed to uphold rights such as the right to privacy, the right. Journalists continued to be subjected to intimidation and harassment by police and security services.

Neighbours, buzurgmekhr Yorovapos, parents, the Minister of Internal Affairs announced that the names and personal details of 367 individuals suspected of being lgbti had been entered on an MIA register ostensibly to protect them and to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Drastically reducing citizens putas en fraga access to justice. As many lgbt people in Tajikistan lead double lives they have much to lose if their wives. Local authorities publicly shamed relatives branding them as traitors and enemies of the state. Human rights lawyers faced arbitrary arrests.

He told her that the guards subjected him and other cellmates to regular beatings. When he was arrested, according to the Times, including to the head. Scott was charged with a single misdemeanor count of soliciting a prostitute. Such as Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan and Group.

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Tajikistani authorities keep track

He spent several days in the sizo medical centre following one of the beatings.Dushanbe City Court had sentenced them to 23 and 21 years imprisonment respectively in October 2016, following a blatantly unfair trial.Rights OF lesbian, GAY, bisexual, transgender AND intersex people.