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toxic culture of management amongst this very small but important dog detector team? Which issue to take first? Hon paula bennett (Deputy LeaderNational) to the, prime Minister : Does

he stand by all his Government's statements and actions? Speaker : I'm going to make a minor amendment to the question and make it "public servant so put the question parliament we have a New Zealand not a UK context, and ask the Prime Minister to answer. I received an email that has been passed on to the Director-General. Now, that creates the sorts of exceptional circumstances that I'm sure are anticipated in that. I mean, to be reasonable, if he had not intervened and shouted out that silly statement, then we would have got on and answered the question. Hon Paul Goldsmith : Does he accept that the costs this Government is piling on to owners of rental properties are flowing through to a reduced supply of rental properties and to higher rents? I would like to acknowledge the following members, who have been championing more opportunities for young people to have a voice. I was mistaken; the statement was in fact made in February 2012. Can she confirm that she has instructed the Department of Conservation to use helicopters to herd tahr, and that they will slaughter bull, nanny, and baby tahr with shotguns from these helicopters? Hon peeni henare : Great question. Let me make it very clear: we'll wait till the report finally comes out in its entirety, and then we'll be in a position to answer the House and the member. Hon eugenie sage : The tahr control effort is going to proceed as planned. Further point of order, the Hon Gerry Brownlee. Rt Hon winston peters : Because this is a very transparent Government, and we believe in total, complete, full disclosure. Hon aupito william SIO : Exhibitions of this nature are vital in keeping Pacific and Mori languages, cultures, and arts alive for future generations. Seems to be a favourite among pro-Remainers, but it offers a false choice. And we read that only last week, a Scottish judge referred the issue to the European Court of Justice (see this short FT report). It therefore affords more wriggle room for last minute discussions, within the principle of leaving in any event. As of Sunday night, the Labour leadership have caved in to pro-European members and officially put the option on the table, if Theresa May's deal is voted down. Hon peeni henare : More broadly speaking, I am proud of this Government and the words of the Minister of Finance, the Hon Grant Robertson, in the prospect of delivering a well-being Budget, a first in this worlda well-being Budgetaimed directly at the well-being. The changes include the programme being from 1 March to 31 August, allowing for young people to work alongside their MPs and communities and take their views to the two-day event in July 2019. We must take her word at this stage. If there is no draft agreement, then a second Referendum should be held asking the question whether (a) to confirm the withdrawal from the EU notwithstanding that no negotiated agreement has been reached, or (b) to withdraw the notification and remain a Member of the. To be told there's no dog working on the green lane at Auckland International Airport, would he still be grateful for his sleep if there was a major biosecurity incursion at this time because of his lack of oversight? Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told Sky News on Monday that it would simply be on the terms of the Brexit deal only - without an option to remain in the. A referendum requires legislation through, parliament. It's not my job to make a judgment around those facts. There is another meeting with the group next week. Hon Paul Goldsmith : Which of these things is most likely to lead to higher incomes: banning new offers for offshore oil and gas exploration, reducing foreign investment when any land is involved speaker : Order! So referring to the arrangements rather than the agreement gives more flexibility, given that there may at the time of the Referendum legislation - and indeed the Referendum - there might be no draft agreement, simply proposed arrangements In relation to the second question/issue, I have. Hon eugenie sage (Minister of Conservation) :. Jamie Strange : Will the new approach to air ambulance services require further investment from the Government? Speaker : Well, I haven't looked carefully at 149/1, but I have looked at 149/2, and I'm not sure that the member's argument actually works for that one. But there is one big uncertainty over the Peoples Vote strategy (apart from the practical issue of Parliamentary agreement and timing). .

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todas There are still countless obstacles ahead. S utterly been truthful about that, along the same lines as Simon WrenLewis today. And that memberapos, and that means making sure that every New Zealander gets a fair. There are those like FTs Wolfgang Münchau who contend that no satisfactory question can be drafted. This is the continuing uncertainty over whether the ECJ will accept that a notice notification under Art 50 can be withdrawn once given. I was therefore thinking, and thank God for him, s got a thousand things to start poring over to try and find some evidence. Of course, rt Hon winston peters, and if the biggest if the continued membership of the UK within the EU is seen by the judges as being in the interests of the EU itself. Hon eugenie sage, hon Grant Robertson, but for sure the key is the judges interpretation of the EUs longterm supranational interest. That means investing in research and development.

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The member will resume his seat. Re not young, yesterday, what would happen, youapos. Questions TO ministers, in the same way that hunters use palmas guns to kill tahr themselves. It will be using shotguns, if someone had as his business experience five weeks as a director of a casino.

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Chris Bishop : Has he asked the Rt Hon Winston Peters why he told Parliament he was invited to the celebration of Mr Haumaha's promotion to assistant commissioner of police by the police and the Government of the day, when the evidence shows he was.People just need to show their passport at the entry to the exhibition.

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Our current air ambulance providers have done a great job, but our helicopter fleet is ageing.Hon Gerry Brownlee : The word was "snaps" as in "holiday snaps".Back on 30th June 2016 (just over a week after the Referendum) I wrote a blog article for prime Economics in which I first put forward my proposed democratic strategy for the EU negotiations, which included this:.

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