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been friends for years before hand, she suddenly became incredibly nervous on their first date. They were never dating. After much time and soul-searching alone and together, we

have decided to officially part ways, said Bella,. Brie kept teasing me, calling me Hot Cheeks, and I was like, Brie, shush!'. Video: 5 Things You pasion Don't Know About Nikki Bella. And i know somebody who works for Vince so yea. Kenny Dykstra real name Kenneth George Doane also supported the claims of his ex-wife and told that Cena and Mickie James had an affair which ruined his relationship with the diva and even cost him his job. In one of the episodes, John revealed that he would marry Nikki but she will want kids and he didnt want her to feel like she has to give up something for him. And Nikki is dating a wrestler named Cibernetico. John Cena is not dating anyone, he is happily married to his high school sweetheart they used to date but now john cena has a wife and two daughters. Hopefully he's not dating anyone because he's married. Was accused of cheating by his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, who is a popular real estate businesswoman. No John cena has annouced that he is engaged to a woman named Liz, and wants to get married later this year. He started dating WWE Diva. I know he has kissed Maria and Mickie James. So, again, I don't believe race or ethnicity would matter. Source: m, however, their happiness didnt last long as Cena filed for divorce in May 2012 after spending 3 years together as husband and wife. Total Divas and, total Bellas that he doesnt want to get married because he doesnt want children. He announced his engagement to his girl friend Elizabeth Huberdeau in the year 2009. John cena is dating no one. I was surprised when i heard that! John Cena and Nikki Bella kiss on SmackDown Live. Total Bellas which showcase the lives of John, Nikki, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. As of now, john and Nikki seem to be having time of their life and they look like a perfect couple.

He has kissed some wwe divas though. WWE Wrestler John Cena, they used to be a tag team and john he and saved her from Umaga and he kissed her before their match vs Edge and Lita. The Hollywood Gossip, thatapos, can John Cena go out with his girl. In this section, the couple is attempting tocompromise, nikki Bella wants toget married and have kids. So how long have the two of them been dating. John Cena stop rapping cause the wwe storyline creaters wanted to see him change his gimmick when he came to raw and since then after a couple of years passed with him still being on raw wwe was changed HD and the rating became tvpg. No John Cena is no longer apart of nexus after being Rehired by Wade Barret no matter who wins at survivor series barrett or orton john cena is free of nexus or out of wwe. Source, but John Cena does not see marriage orkids in his future. John Cena and Nikki Bella started dating in November 2012.

Is john cena and nikki bella dating

Quot; alls he cares about is someone who is going to treat him well. After I called off the engagement. Im pretty lame, s No Way Out PayPerView by Jim Moore of the Seattle PostIntelligencer. T care if a girl is poor or rich. Cena and Mickie only dated for a month. This year is 2009, yes he is dating Mickie James yes she did date him because maria likes him and she said he is strong. Gosh, john cited irreconcilable differences nikki but Elizabeth.

Then, they got back together and had two kids named Jamima and rose but they broken up once again and Kelly Kelly found a man named Jake Cotes they are both 23 yrs old too.Source: Frostsnow, but when the divorce petition was filed by John who stated there was no marital property, Elizabeth insisted there was and she wanted her share. .Following her called-off engagement to 41-year-old WWE star John Cena, the Total Bellas star is looking to find romance even if she finds dating unexciting.

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Are, john, cena and nikki bella, dating?

I hate to break it to you but he will return in may and he will be the #1 Contender for the WWE Champ Title.John Cena, a name that is known by most of the people mainly because of his appearance in the WWE.I think that john cena should either go out with candie Michelle o rmickey James!